Unique Names for Unique Drinks. 

Each drink served at La Copa Bar is named after a famous character of the Mexican Cinema Golden Age, representing the greatness of Mexican Art. 


Mixologist is not just to Mix ingredients. 

A mixologist is not just a bartender, is an artist, an inventor and a performer. With each creation comes a performance for the visitor, giving you the best moment after you choose to cross the door of the only Historic Hacienda in Todos Santos. Come, celebrate uniqueness and enjoy the best drinks in town.

The Bar

La Copa Bar


The place where the magic of Mixology happens


With its 1920's featured bar, Erick Rodríguez and Carlos González create every day an incredible combination of eyesight show, incredible scents and unbelievable flavors. They prepare unique infusions that are being used to creat the iconic drinks, such as La Chachita, El Torito, Sophia and El Padrecito among others.